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Reducing Average Handle Time for Inbound Rebate Processing Account
Reducing Average Handle Time for Inbound Rebate Processing Account | The Office ...



US catalog and e-retailer


Our customer was interested in developing an Outbound Solutions program that would facilitate their efforts to grow sales, increase average order size, capture additional marke...

Internet Marketing Company:Inbound Lead Qualification


Well respected nationally recognized Internet Marketing Organization with over a decade of experience in the lead generation industry.


A large US based call center hindered the company’s success an...

Top 10 Mistakes Made When Offshoring

Our experts look at some of the most common errors companies make when offshoring

By: Jamie Liddell

Sending work offshore can be a valuable tool for firms looking to enjoy the benefits of labor arbitrage, increased geographica...

Focus On Quality In Education Call Center Programs

With today’s changing economy, furthering your education is more important now than ever before. People’s focus on improving and increasing their knowledge in the job market has driven the need for educational opportunities. Thi...

El Salvador: Efforts To Improve English Have Real Impact

One of the most pervasive and challenging issues across the Nearshore region is establishing English language training programs that actually do work – and actually produce well-trained professionals. One country that has been working o...

Internet Retail Outbound Case Study


The Client is part of the highly competitive commoditized apparel industry where customer satisfaction is a true differentiator. The Client’s customers were suffering from long hold times and high abandonment rates. I...

Catalog Retailer:Database Cleansing Case Study


In a highly competitive industrial supply distribution industry, retaining and growing an overall customer base is mission critical. As part of their growth strategy, The Office Gurus®’ international client was mailin...

Hvac Support: Flexible, Scalable, And Results Driven


The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) business continues to grow even amid a slow economic recovery. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for HVAC mechanic...

Meal Kit Delivery Case Study

‘‘We are very excited with the group of agents your team has been able to assemble for us. They have quickly adapted our brand values and lived them during their interactions with our customers. We are very happy with our extende...