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Creating a Customer Centric Organization
Apr 03 2019

The secret to creating a customer centric organization is to incorporate customer focus in every aspect of the organization. Everyone within the organization from the receptionist to the trainer to the CEO must focus on respect, courtesy and make a commitment to service. This is the first step in creating a customer centric environment.

One of the reasons organizations fail in providing customer service excellence, is a lack of buy in from employees on the idea of the importance of customer service. When employees don’t recognize the importance of service, the result is mediocrity. In addition, in today’s fast paced, social media focused world, companies must be able to interact with customers via the communication channels they prefer if they truly want to deliver a top notch customer experience.


  • Hire people with service backgrounds.
  • Train employees from the bottom up to appreciate the customer.
  • Have clear policies and procedures and make sure that everyone in the organization knows them.
  • Personalize the customer contact making each customer feel special.
  • Use Quality Assurance to create a focus on continuing improvement and listening to the customer.
  • Always close the interaction with the customer by verifying that they are satisfied with the service.
  • Use customer feedback to improve service and products.
  • Reward exemplary service by creating incentives for “above and beyond” performance.
  • Emphasize service as a cultural phenomenon rather than a procedural one.

A customer centric organization is one bound by the principle of complete focus on the customer. This focus is top down and bottom up, with all members of the organization equally committed to customer satisfaction.

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