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El Salvador: A Prime Location for Your Call Center
Feb 20 2017

Choosing the location for your call center outsourcing partnership should be of the utmost importance.  The way people communicate via telephone greatly differs from continent to continent, even if both parties are speaking the same language. This is one reason why it is extremely important to choose a location in close  proximity to North America, stocked with a population that has a close cultural affinity to the USA.

El Salvador is well known for having extremely friendly, warm, and hospitable people. When it comes to selecting a call center destination, industry leaders are quick to point out that Salvadorans are well known for having neutral sounding accents for both English and Spanish. A recognizable accent on the other end of the phone relaxes listeners, and makes both support and sales calls more productive.   However, the accent is only one piece of the puzzle.  English fluency is also extremely important. It is one thing to speak the English language, but to be able to laugh at jokes, build rapport, show empathy, and understand American slang is what customers in the USA expect when they interact with a company.  With plenty of expatriates, and close cultural ties to the USA, El Salvador locals are used to American idiosyncrasies and accents. Speaking with someone on the phone who understands your idioms without further explanation is a key step towards building an instant connection and providing a great customer experience.

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In addition to the language and communication advantages that El Salvador offers, Salvadorans are also well educated with over 150,000 students enrolled in advanced universities or technical education programs. El Salvador has a large young population that is proud of their democratically elected government and the political, economic, and social milestones that are achieved every year. Their modern road network is the envy of Latin America, and as history has proven, fast and reliable transportation systems allow businesses to prosper.  El Salvador also boasts highly-developed broadband and telecom services alongside a stable power grid.  Lastly, the national currency is the USA dollar.   This means zero hassles when it comes to currency exchange.

When it comes to nearshore outsourcing, it is hard to find a better destination than El Salvador!

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