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Agent Training: It’s an Ongoing Process
Jan 16 2017

For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a call center agent. You just finished classroom training. You are amped to get started. You’ve learned about the product or service, the telesales methodology, you have listened to demo calls, role played, and are ready to start applying the knowledge you have learned. There is nothing quite like the feeling of hitting the floor for the first time!

Then reality strikes – you are managing high call volumes, hearing objections that you never role played, fielding rapid fire questions, etc.  All of the things that add to the energy and angst of the call center environment. This is where the rubber meets the road and the real training begins. True development and a comprehensive understanding of the program take place over time through continuous training efforts. This training must be reinforced daily by the front line supervision, by quality assurance, and the training teams all working in unison.

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True call center partners do not subscribe to the one-size-fits all approach to training. Building a robust training curriculum in conjunction with the customer is key to the success of the partnership. True partners do not work in a vacuum. Those are vendors! True call center partners must harness the power of peer interaction, take a holistic approach to training and be willing to learn from each other. In the end, the agent, the program metrics, and overall customer experience will benefit.

The creation and execution of a daily shift plan will allow for both passive and active monitoring, 1 on 1 development time, and everything else that is expected from front line supervision. Quality Assurance (QA) also plays a vital role in the success of the program. QA is responsible for identifying critical issues before they snowball into customer experience problems, recognizing WOW calls to reinforce positive behavior, and uncovering any trends that are impacting the program’s success.

Here at The Office Gurus we believe a true partnership begins with collaboration and the creation of true brand ambassadors through world class training and continuous agent development! Learn more about our agents.

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