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Hvac Support: Flexible, Scalable, And Results Driven
Case Study
Sep 19 2016


The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) business continues to grow even amid a slow economic recovery. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for HVAC mechanics is expected to increase 34 percent between 2010 and 2020 — much faster than the growth rate of other industries. HVAC service companies are busiest when the weather is very hot or very cold. Extreme temperatures put more stress on equipment and can make service calls more urgent. HVAC businesses may experience seasonal highs and lows, so it is important to implement strategies that allow them to take advantage of flush times and tide themselves over during the shoulder months.




A glance through the yellow pages or an online search will result in dozens, if not hundreds of HVAC service companies in most cities. It can be difficult for HVAC companies to stand out in the crowd and simply doing nothing is not going to keep technicians busy or result in the company increasing their customer base and/ or market share. In order to achieve the desired results HVAC companies need to proactively and effectively reach out to prospects and current customers in addition to answering the phones to capitalize on inbound opportunities and take care of their current customer base. However, hiring telesales people, finding and paying for the right technology, and managing the entire process can be quite daunting and costly.



As a result of our hiring, hands on training program, performance management system, and technology The Office Gurus (TOG) provides its HVAC partners with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective call center that provides results. TOG currently provides the following solutions to its HVAC partners in a sales and service environment utilizing a blended telephony platform.

  • Outbound cold calling for A/C and furnace tune-ups: Our agents secure between .22 and .35 appointments per hour or 2 appointments per day per scheduler.
  • Maintenance Plan Members: We call current customers to secure appointments for their free tune ups and maintenance.
  • Warm Calls: We call non-maintenance plan customers where services were performed in the past to schedule tune ups and sell protection plans.
  • Outbound post service: We call customers that recently received service to thank them for their business and sell them heating, cooling, and generator protection plans when the technician failed to do so.
  • Outbound estimate and quote follow-up: We call customers to schedule follow-up appointments where free quotes or estimates were provided but the install or repair did not take place.
  • Winback: We call customers whose protection plan lapsed to win them back.
  • Customer Service and Dispatch: We can handle all inbound calls including service and new system inquiries, dispatch questions, appointment cancellations, etc.


Prospect or Customer Telephone Inquiry versus Scheduled
Technician Appointments for current HVAC partner. 79.5% increase in
conversion rate after partnering with TOG.


Appointment Conversion Rate

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