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Internet Marketing Company:Inbound Lead Qualification
Case Study
Apr 19 2015


Well respected nationally recognized Internet Marketing Organization with over a decade of experience in the lead generation industry.


A large US based call center hindered the company’s success and client experience due to a single channel solution, inconsistent responsiveness, and lack of flexibility.


By partnering with The Office Gurus the Client was able to improve business efficiencies, take advantage of a 47% cost-savings, and implement a multi-channel approach while improving the overall customer experience.


The details in this case study are based off of a recent experience involving The Office Gurus and one of the country’s most experienced affiliate marketing networks.

The Company operates and manages a high quality network of generation websites, which amounts to a significant volume of 24/7 inbound traffic. They are committed to providing their network with prescreened, qualified, revenue producing leads in a variety of different industries.


The Company experienced several pain points with their North American contact center. The center was unable to provide a customized solution package for the Company. Some of the requests that could not be fulfilled were custom detailed reporting, real time visibility into their queues, 100% call recordings, blended inbound and outbound dedicated agents, among others.

In order to accurately analyze the success of their business model, the company needed specifics metrics and platforms reported daily. Their previous call center lacked the flexibility to report daily performance in the desired fashion.

The volume-intense business model required high levels of responsiveness to achieve desired success. Oftentimes, requests for strategic advice or alterations would take weeks.


As the Company’s needs grew, the selection of a quality ultra responsive contact center became increasingly vital. They needed to find a partner who would not only be able to support their qualification process, but also advise them on how to improve their business strategy. TOG was able to provide dedicated blended agents who could maximize efficiencies, implement a customized IVR and ACD solution to pre-screen non-desirable leads, and provide warm transfers to maximize conversion rates and ROI. In addition The Office Gurus developed custom reporting providing the Company with tracking that was needed in order for the Company to maximize their online marketing dollars.


After consulting with the Company, and understanding their current infrastructure and future growth plans, The Office Gurus developed a support system that not only improved the client’s management capabilities, but significantly improved their efficiency and ROI. By cutting their base costs by 47%, the client was able to hire a team that is three times the size of their previous call center. All members are blended agents who perform inbound and outbound calls. This process change decreased their abandonment rate from 20% to 3%. Due to The OfficeGurus expert reporting analysts, the client’s visibility has benefited greatly with custom daily reports.

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