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Internet Retail Outbound Case Study
Case Study
Apr 19 2015


The Client is part of the highly competitive commoditized apparel industry where customer satisfaction is a true differentiator. The Client’s customers were suffering from long hold times and high abandonment rates. In addition, the Client needed to implement an efficient and effective outbound channel to facilitate their new customer acquisition and win-back efforts. The Client needed a flexible, technology-based and dependable low cost solution in order to improve the overall customer experience and their customer acquisition efforts.


  • Implemented a dedicated agent model to create consistent brand messaging and improved product knowledge.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained sales minded individuals in order to take full advantage of inbound sales opportunities with the ability to work as blended agents on outbound campaigns.
  • Utilized real time queue monitoring and skill based routing to ensure all inbound KPIs were achieved.
  • Implemented several outbound campaigns including call and update, customer win-back, abandon carts, catalog request follow-up, and prospecting.
  • Provided seamless input into the client’s order processing, inventory management, and customer relationship management software.
  • Provided both real-time and next day custom reporting for the entire organization including call center, marketing, and sales.

Since partnering with The Office Gurus, the Client has decreased average answer time from 133 seconds to 8 seconds.

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  • Increased the average order value by 25 percent.
  • Produced two times as many orders compared to traditional direct mail.
  • Established consistent brand messaging and product expertise.
  • Increased calls answered percentage from 78 to 92 percent.
  • Decreased abandoned calls percentage from 22 to 3 percent.
  • Decreased average answer time from 133 seconds to 8 seconds.


The Client is a nationally recognized manufacturer and distributor of uniforms, image apparel and accessories. The Client specializes in such industries as Healthcare, Retail, Food Service and Private Security.


The Office Gurus is a premium provider of cost effective bilingual contact center and office solutions. Through the recruitment and employment of highly qualified English speaking agents, The Office Gurus® provides their customers with a total office solution and a versatile call and contact center environment. The Office Gurus® has locations in the U.S., Belize and El Salvador.

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The Office Gurus® has risen to become one of the leading global BPO companies. Businesses in all industries find that in-house call centers and customer service teams can be expensive and time consuming to manage. We offer custom solutions through our call center outsourcing services and customer service outsourcing technology. One of our priorities is to make the process as seamless as possible by implementing superior customer support outsourcing solutions that will keep your business operations streamlined and your customers happy.