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Safr© Compliant Credit Card IVR

Our Safr© Compliant Credit Card IVR allows your remote or in-house agents to accept credit cards from your customers without having to ask them for their credit card and security information, the Agent simply transfers the customer into the IVR and the customer enters their information. The IVR will make an API call to your merchant provider and either settle or tokenize the transaction.

  • Remote or in-house.
  • Amplifies compliance integrity.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Customer trust.
  • Platform agnostic.

Audiolab© Text-to-Speech

Easily Create Realistic Amazon Polly Text to Speech Voice Files for your Contact Center Queues and Campaigns, your Phone System, or IVR’s, then simply select the language you require and voice you prefer, type in your message, and download your voice files. Now you will be able to deliver an awesome customer experience to all your callers and contacts!

  • Multi-language.
  • Translation.
  • No coding SSML.
  • Audio Repository.
  • Custom Language Packs.

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