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I have had the pleasure of being one of the founders of the first outsourced call center in Central America, (Acer Information Services, in 1994). Since 2001 I have had the honor of being involved in the development of the industry in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. I have consulted for companies as large as Taca Airlines and GBM (IBM Partner for Central America), but I have never been quite so excited as I am about El Salvador and The Office Gurus.  El Salvador has its share of big players in the BPO and call center business, but The Office Gurus are one of the first to present this kind of visionary management style:

Placing value on its employees and their contribution to the success of the company Investing in a quality workplace and the morale of the staff (Resulting in one of the lowest turnover rates I have seen, despite hearty competition in the area).

Developing and investing in technology that compliments their emphasis on quality Choosing a partnership model rather than a client server relationship with clients CARING.

I have reached the point in my career where I choose who I partner with, and I knew within 20 minutes of sitting down with these folks that this was going to be an organization that would not only create its own mark on the industry, but could possibly redefine the industry in many ways in our region.

For the last couple of years the call center and BPO markets have become overly commoditized. The result of this has been a decline in quality, as the market struggled against the new paradigm of “pay for performance,” an oxymoron if there every was one, as P4P really means sweatshop mentality, low cost, high output, little emphasis on quality. The brokers hawking P4P look at Central America through the filter of India, where it’s about cost, Cost, COST, and their loyalty is only as good as their ability to bleed a center for as much as they can before moving on to the Phillipines.

TOG has proven through its history to be a major ROI winner, saving its parent company several million dollars in cost, while demonstrating that value does not = sweatshop, and by demonstrating that retention, high morale and high productivity ARE related.

I have been preaching for years that ROI and emphasis on employees are not mutually exclusive concepts. It is good to see this in practice, and it is why I took them on as a client and partner. So if you are interested in El Salvador, an outsourcing partner, or just to see how a company should be run, check these guys out.

David Anderson

President Grupo Utopia Costa Rica

What made TOG stand out from their competitors was their people and experience. I could immediately tell they really understood the telesales environment and what it takes to be successful.

Ken Sanders

Chief Marketing Office, Navitas Lease Corp

Thanks to The Office Gurus, we no longer have to tackle the many challenges of managing graveyard shifts, our employee morale has improved significantly and the experience that we are delivering to our customers has never been better.

Jason Reed

CEO, Reed Transport Services, Inc.

We were thrilled with the level of customer service that we received from an account management perspective. The Office Gurus were completely on top of all aspects of the campaign from day one. They were extremely proactive with their approach to our campaign and were constantly implementing new processes to ensure that we were utilizing all capabilities and maximizing performance

Adam Savage

Marketing Manager / College Lead Generation Company

Making the decision to transfer 100% of our call center operations to TOG in 2010 has been the best decision we’ve made thus far. After experiencing other contact center solutions, we knew finding the right vendor would not prove to be an easy task. As a demanding client, we felt confident that TOG could meet our needs and continue to communicate with us routinely on the day to day operations. In addition, we have been extremely pleased with the quality performance standards in which the Agents are held to. With an open door policy, we have been able to meet our Agents and establish an incentive program that has fostered positive results and professional calls that the Agents are truly proud of. We have seen a significant increase in our overall customer satisfaction, service levels, and our return customer base. TOG’s flexibility and genuine concern for our business needs has evolved the original business partnership into a true extension of our own brand. By taking a collaborative approach TOG continues to offer innovative suggestions to improve our overall customer experience. The call experience is a major contributing factor in our growth and we couldn’t have reached our potential without the professionalism and quality of service TOG has given us.

Mario Blanco

Call Center Operations Manager / LeadFlash

We thoroughly enjoyed working with TOG! Their staff was amazing and the talent level was truly top notch. We asked them to do sales and customer service in a completely new industry to TOG. They did an incredible job of learning how our industry works, were easily trained on best sales practices, and their customer service was fantastic! I would highly recommend TOG to anyone, and intend to use their services for another program soon!

Director of Marketing Home Decor Manufacturer

The Office Gurus have not only improved many of our efficiencies in regard to phone metrics and order processing, but their accuracy rates have been unbelievable!  It’s made my job a lot easier and our customers voiced their appreciation with higher than 90% satisfaction rates in our latest customer surveys.

Leslie Kogelmann

Manager of Customer Excellence / Fashion Seal

I have had the pleasure of placing work with The Office Gurus on several occasions. After more than 20 years in the call center industry, I have a strong ability to evaluate call center/back office organizations and know that The Office Gurus offers a high quality, high performing outsource solution. I have placed several high profile accounts with The Office Gurus and have always been impressed with the professional account management, program advice, conversion% and total yield that resulted from their call campaigns. Besides a knowledgeable account management staff, the customer service and sales personnel representing my clients have been exceptional. Their language skills, customer first attitude and sales skills are on par with any domestic call center. I would highly recommend them for lead generation, transactional and relationship sales, inbound customer service and any back office needs.

Thomas R. Lacroix

VP of Business Development / MarketChord Direct Group, LLC